OW Pint | What a Deal!

  • A while ago I claimed that I would buy a pint and that they would ship on the 15th of August, (From a local retail store.) About two days before the 15th, they said it would ship near the end of October. I guess you could call this a true ship slip. Over the past few days I have come to a decision that I would just buy a used plus. I searched craigslist and found a Plus for $925, the guy selling it was only about 15 miles away from me. I sent him a couple of emails and I bought it for $900, I will be picking it up this Saturday Morning and THIS TIME, will follow up the morning with a review on how I did. In case you were wondering where the retail store in which I almost got a good deal on the OW Pint, it is Reno Beach Surf Shop, in Saint. Petersburg Florida. The deal with the pint is that if you Pre-Order it by itself you get it with no tax. And if you Pre-Order it with a fender there is no tax and the fender is $50 extra. Happy OneWheeling!

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