Shoulder Protection

  • Here's what I wear on my leading shoulder:


    I use one of these as an insert, cut to size, and fit under the compression layer:


    I'm coming-up on 600 miles on my XR, and haven't had a nose dive since my first 50 miles . . . after I installed my Mini-Fangs.

    I haven't eaten-it since I've been wearing this, so can't comment on how it will perform.

    Yeah, I'm all geeked-up out there, but I don't care.

  • @Kielanders I don't think this is going to prevent a dislocated shoulder from a hard fall, but it's probably worth it if you feel more confident.
    I've been thinking about getting a full motorcycle suit and helmet, but will probably just break myself pushing too hard if I get comfortable.

  • @DreamTour

    Maybe, maybe not, it's all about energy absorption and distribution of the forces involved.

    If you hit with no protection, the initial shock is probably 'point loaded' over about 4 sq/in (2"x2") area of the shoulder (depending on exactly how you hit), and all the force is transferred directly into the skeleton.

    With the pad/semi hard insert and splint to aid in maintaining shoulder alignment - you may be looking at distributing those forces over 9 sq/in (3"x3") to 16 sq/in (4"x4"), in addition to the overall reduction of force applied to the body by the energy absorption capacity of the pad.

    That's a potential protective increase of 200% to 400% over an unprotected hit.

    My shoulder arrangement was essentially a hack on the pad placement I saw on armored motorcycle jackets - which uniformly seem to have the same armor layout & size over the shoulder.

    By the way, when I transitioned to pavement, I went with a full mountain bike helmet, motorcycle knee/shin guard, motorcycle elbow/forearm guards, and wrist guards - no regrets as they've saved me a couple times learning to go up curbs, and I now feel naked if I try to ride without them.

  • @Kielanders Better safe than sorry!
    I was so comfortable on the XR after a few days, I really felt having extra padding would drive me to figure out the maximum speed before a nosedive. Even with full padding that's probably going to leave a mark.
    I try to keep it to speeds where I can safely run out if I bail. Downhill longboarding gave me some serious skills in that department, so I feel pretty safe with just a helmet.

  • @DreamTour

    I never did a longboard, never had anywhere to even take a longboard 40 years ago in Florida.

    It's safe to say, you've got more skills than me running things out.

    I have to thank the MiniFangs for my saves on pavement, although, I suspect there is some decent declaration with the Fangs.

    All my faceplants were when I was on grass, and anything over 10 mph I just couldn't get my feet moving fast enough, quick enough, to run anything out.

    Needless to say, a lot of hard shoulder hits in the early days - and I learned quickly just how easy someone could break their clavicle or jack-up their shoulder joint.

  • Do you guys wear wrist guards? I did at first but stopped recently. Then OFC I fell and shed my first blood this week attempting to get the hang of dropping off curbs. Bruised the side of my hand pretty badly too. I’ve gotta remember to wear them when trying out new things I guess.

  • @a_onekatie said in Shoulder Protection:

    Do you guys wear wrist guards?


    I wish I could be out there just like Sly, footloose and fancy-free, but the penalties of a bad hit in one distracted moment are just too severe for my taste.

  • @a_onekatie said in Shoulder Protection:

    Do you guys wear wrist guards?

    Agree with @Kielanders, always! I ride on pavement exclusively. The first 1000 miles or so I wore helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards. Now that I'm more comfortable and no longer pushing anything more than 15 mph on my + or XR, I only wear the helmet and wrist guards, but I wear them all the time. When I had a nose dive at 600 miles going 21 mph, I actually broke the left (leading) wrist guard. That would have been my wrist breaking! Ever since, I've never ridden without them.

  • cheapest health insurance money can buy,
    I did a lot of Rollerblading in the 90s. early on I was just standing there talking to a fellow blader and got off balance hit the pavement at 0 speed and got a minor concussion; wrist, elbows, and knees were protected but hadn't bought a helmet yet. The point being, I've had a long history with saftey gear and it only takes that one time to break a hand or shoulder or head and the time it happens WILL BE that one time you skipped the gear. I truly feel naked and hesitant with out it.
    yesterday I took my wristgaurds off to better control the mower went to take a quick spin down the road but felt vulnerable and turned around to get protection on my money makers.
    alt text

  • Has anyone tried something like the armored hoodies for protection? They have built in shoulder and elbow pads. Seems like a nice way to go... Maybe not in summer, but now that it will be cooling off a bit. I wish they had something lightweight like that with waterproofing too :-)

  • @RonZon

    I really like those, especially the armored heavy flannel shirts - but the price point got to me since I couldn't try them on without ordering, with round trip shipping to where I live being expensive.

    In the end, I went with a $40 set of motorcycle guards because I knew they'd work:

    Let me know if you get the hoodie, I'd love to know if they're as good as they look.

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