Tire surface squeak?

  • I have been on the OEM Vega for about a year and have noticed a distinct harsh squeaky quality to the rubber similar to new auto tires or cheap tennis shoes. Just noticed it today on a wood floor. Makes it a bit harder to pivot. When new, the tire felt velvety smooth. I have gone down in weight if anything. I have not exposed the wheel to any chemicals aside from flooding it to the undercarriage twice and hosing several times over the board's life. I take care to not apply detergents or conditioners to the board. The floor in question has not been waxed or treated any differently in the board's lifetime. I'm wondering if maybe that initial smoothness was just from whatever was used as a release in the mold?

  • The Vega is a very soft rubber tire, intended for max grip, so a little squeak would be normal. My question is "Why is your tire so clean that it is literally Squeaky Clean?" Your location must have the cleanest roads in the world. My tire always has a thin coat of dust and smattering of fine gravel embedded in the soft rubber.
    (When particularly bored I sometimes will pick out all of the bits)

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