A tale of two Casinos

  • A couple of nights ago I was out for an evening ride. Being quite hot still here I typically wait until the sun goes down to spin out for onewheel adventures. Since venturing down the this electric mobility lifestyle I have thought about and googled places where I might get a little charge if needed. Turns out that one of the local casinos is quite electric friendly and has installed charge stations outside its hotel for Tesla and the like. So on this night I decide that I will ride by and have a look see. I circle around for a while and eventually stop an employee that is patrolling the parking lot in an electric golf cart. They give me directions to the charging station and comment on how cool my device is. All very chill and friendly.
    Fast forward a couple of days to this evening. Across the street from the friendly Eureka Casino is the older Virgin River Casino. (insert ominous music here) While riding past this evening I spy a vending machine on the side of the hotel across a nearly empty parking lot. It is still pretty hot out and I'm thinking a soda might be just the thing, so off I go. Suddenly there is a set of headlights that has turned and is headed straight for me. I turn to avoid them but they have turned again matching me so that they are still headed straight at me. I now make a hard right turn and am making a run for the sidewalk beside the casino. They again match my turn and continue on the collision course. I can see now that it is a small SUV that is bent on my destruction. I run the board into the curb, jump off onto the sidewalk, run off a couple of steps of momentum, and turn to face my potential attacker. In the glow of a hundred casino light I can now see SECURITY emblazoned across the side of the SUV. A small bald man is yelling "SKATEBOARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY, LIABILITY.......". The adrenaline is flowing and I'm ready for a fight, when a small voice from what little is left of my reasonable mind whispers, "small man with a big need to prove himself, there is no good outcome here". I swallow hard and paste a smile on my mug, nod and head back for the relative safety of the public streets.
    In retrospect, it has been a long time since I have been lumped into the "hoodlums on skateboards" stereotype. At my age I should be flattered. But I still think The Eureka has earned itself a new customer, while the Virgin River can proceed to go do unmentionable things to themselves.

  • Just thought I would add a shout out to the Nugget Casino hotel in Sparks (Reno) area.
    Just spent 3 days there for a Robotics competition and rode my wheel all over their resort. Everywhere outside, up and down halls, and up and down elevators. Not a peep.
    I did stay out of the center of the main lobby, and casino area. Not wanting to push my luck. But they have cameras everywhere so I'm sure they were aware of me.
    Thanks big N.

  • @Sponge315 nice! the Nugget has a pretty good reputation for being friendly overall. glad to hear you had a good time here. : )

  • @Sponge315 lol good story and dually noted!

    The only time I’ve gotten that type of negativity was literally the first day I commuted to work and thought it would be NBD to cut through the park across the street from my office. When I ignored the the security guard, telling him “it’s okay I’m just passing through!” He yelled after me, “well I’m going to have to report you!” LMAO to my knowledge he never did, but I’ve avoided that park ever since. Some people really just don’t get it!

    Last week I got my personal favorite comment to date. I was in a social situation in the office that included a few coworkers I don’t personally know well. After hearing my name, one of them turned to me and said, “Oh you’re the Katie that rides that unicycle thing right?” And then my boss goes, “Oh yeah that’s her, and she juggles too!” I absolutely lost it!!!! 🤣😂

  • @a_onekatie UNICYCLE?? lol. well, at least she got the right number of wheels right...

  • @a_onekatie We desperately need video of you juggling and riding your unicycle :D :D :D

  • @UTrider LMAO I’ll have to ask my husband to film it!

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