Overcharge and loud humming noise on my XR

  • I have just gotten my onewheel+ XR a week ago and for the most part have had a good experience until lately. Recently I keep getting overcharge alerts and the board forces me to reset. I am riding on flat ground trying to wear down the battery but as soon as I stop and try to get back on I get the warning and the board wont balance. If I am able to ride it, it noses up to the point where I cannot ride down the battery.

    I manually wore down the battery to 0% and then recharged for 48hrs and it worked for a little bit but now it's giving me the overcharge warning again.

    On top of that, my board has a very loud humming sound compared to others with the lights off. It seems much louder than others.

    Any help?

    Edit: Just tried manually wearing it down again, got to 86% and then tried riding it. Then it nosed up and the charge went back up to 99% and overcharged?

  • @luca66 I got the same issue now - could you solve it?

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