Preparing for your fall

  • OK, I've had my Onewheel Pint for 5 days now and it's been awesome. However, I've already gotten beat up. I did a faceplant on day 2, but I came out just fine since I had wrist guards, and a helmet. This experience made me realize that before I continue to practice riding, I need to practice bailing and falling. I have been practicing dumping the board and running. I also want to practice rolling on a fall. Are there any good videos or tutorials out there that even someone that hasn't done board sports could follow? Like I want to progress from standing and rolling to controlled bailing and rolling to emergency bailing practice if that makes sense....

  • @fotoflux1 You want gymnastic training. Having an instructor watch you is probably a good investment, having a soft landing is even better. Learning by instructional video is tough- because you can't see what you are doing, right or wrong.
    That said, I'm sure there are instructional videos for falling properly in gymnastics. Skateboarding videos usually have some epic bails, from people with experience falling from a board.

  • Couple running steps then tuck and roll. You can practice on grass. Then try sprinting on grass and do the tuck and roll. The most important thing to remember is NOT to try and stop your momentum with your arms (or head) That's how you really get hurt. Just roll with it!

  • I'd focus more on the hop off (both feet, same time) dismount TBH. Anytime you think you're going to bail, you can just jump off.

    Also, just want to point out, the board is extremely intuitive. As a result, I tend to psych myself out a lot, and that's usually when I fall. Start practicing the "Screw that, I'm not going to bail" mentality and I bet you'll fall a good deal less. ;)

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