Bluetooth Conflicts

  • I got my OneWheel about 2 weeks ago. I have steadily getting better and more comfortable. Today I tried something new. I put one ear bud in my ear to listen to music off my phone while I rode. The ear bud connected to my One Wheel via bluetooth.
    It was the craziest ride I have had. I could not control the board at all and several times fell big time. At least i got my first real falls out of the way and the bruises to prove it. What I determined was that the bluetooth signal being broadcast from my phone for music seemed to interfere with my connection to my board. Has anyone experienced this??



  • @jaychill Maybe you needed both earbuds to level the board.

  • @jaychill i am usually listening to music via my LG bluetooth head set when riding, have not had any issues at all. Can you reproduce this consistently? Also when you say that you could not control the board at all, can you explain? How did the board operation differ?

  • @jaychill Well since the board is in no way controlled via bluetooth (unless you are on the wrong forum ;) ), I can't see that it would affect performance at all. I could possibly imagine the app working a bit worse (but I don't think that it would)m but that wouldn't make you fall.
    It sounds a lot more likely that it was due to something unrelated, or issues with concentration/multitasking.

    On the other hand, you say that the ear bud connected to you onewheel? That seems very crazy. What music was it playing?

  • @germx @jaychill I'm trying to make sense of this... How would you know the Bluetooth earbuds were connected to board? If you were listening to music, the buds were connected to the phone. As mentioned above, the app does not control the board at all. Can't tell if serious...

  • You also might try adjusting your tinfoil hat. Sometimes that can interfere with the OneWheel power receptors, and possibly the flux capacitors.

  • @thegreck Or the cragometer cross basilating with the retromingent? :smiley:

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