Onewheel XR not charging

  • About three months ago I bought a Onewheel XR. It recently stopped charging. When I plug it in the light on the charger stays green and the power button light starts pulsing. I tested the charger with my volt meter and it’s outputting 63v which is normal. The onewheel still works and at the moment it is at 30% and 53V. Is anyone experiencing this issue? Any help fixing this issue would appreciated. I have also tried calling customer support 20+ times and emailed them 2 weeks ago with no response.

  • @Corbin I'm assuming that these are the same for the XR, If the board when you plug it in, if it only blinks for a certain amount of time. fc93948c-9bc3-4f58-baa2-95bc820bc352-image.png

  • @Corbin Does the battery/app show regen when you are braking downhill?

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