Onewheel Shipping Questions

  • On the "Dude Where's my Onewheel?" page it says "Estimated Shipping September 21st" (I bought my Onewheel on August 30th). Does that mean they are going to ship it on the 21st, or will I receive it on the 21st? Also I live in Denver, so how long does the free shipping usually take to get from San Jose to Denver?

  • @Alix367 The DWMOW has s an estimated shipping date, on top of this you’ll have the time it takes for the courier to get it from FM to your home address. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks so much! Yeah I was really excited cause it initially said I would get it on the 25th but now it's gone down a bit (which is really nice) and I was worried cause Colorado winters definitely aren't the best for floating so I wanted to see if I would be able to get it before it gets super cold and snowy. Thank you for letting me know!

  • @Alix367 Excited for you.

  • @Alix367 mine finished production on a Friday, shipped that night, and I received it Monday (I live about 50 miles from the factory). I cannot imagine that your shipment to Denver would take more than a day longer than what I experienced.

    Also, I wouldn’t totally write off riding in winter. I know they float perfectly fine over hard pack all winter long in Tahoe.

  • Mine shipped Wednesday and arrived in LA on Friday. They say package requires signature, and since I was working, I signed up (free) for fedex “delivery manager” or some name like that, had package redirected to a fedex drop point (in my case drug store near house) then picked it up on way home. Savor the waiting...pretend it’s Christmas and you’re five...I did and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT. Float on

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