Lost control, potential safety issue

  • First off, I just got my Pint board last week and I LOVE it. This thing is amazingly awesome!! However, I feel like there is a potential safety issue with my board which has happened twice (fortunately not when my son was riding). We've been riding in the basic 'redwood' mode and suddenly the board tilts up, accelerates, and won't allow me to push it down the show down. The first time this happened, I had to bail into the grass avoiding two picnic tables. I took quite a spill and injured my hip. We always wear helmets. I blew it off as a freak occurrence but yesterday it happened again. Fortunately, I was able to 'fight it' until it leveled off and allowed me to slow down and stop. I was lucky not to fall. I am really concerned about this for several reasons. What if this happens when my son is riding it? What happened if loose control around other purple? What if it happens again? This makes me really nervous and on edge when I ride. Was wondering if anyone else gas experienced this or if I have a defective board? Appreciate some help in this...

  • @svennyd hey there! I think that what you experienced is called Push Back (are you familiar with this term? If so, go ahead and skip ahead to my next paragraph) and it’s working pretty much as FM has intended. Push Back is a built in safety warning that you are going too fast and soon the wheel itself won’t be able to keep up with you. If you ignore push back and continue to accelerate then yes, the motor will give out and you’ll nose dive. The results are not pretty. I’m not sure exactly what you meant by writing that it wouldn’t let you “push back down to slow down;” bc breaking happens at the back of the board, push back is basically forcing you to slow. Pushing down on the nose would be ignoring the warning and attempting to continue to accelerate.

    One thing to note that’s unique to the Pint is that Redwood is the “beginners” mode and FM has set push back to start extremely low at 12 MPH here. This has been particularly surprising to riders who knew about push back in advance but certainly weren’t expecting it at such a moderate speed. For most other ride modes on the Pint you won’t experience push back until around 14 MPH, and it’s even higher on the other OW Models. Other things like rider weight and wind can effect this as well.

    Personally, I weigh around 115 and ride almost exclusively in Pacific mode. I start feeling push back at 14.1 MPH but can still get up to 15 MPH with out nose diving. I do like this detail because as soon as I feel it I pretty much know I’ve hit TS without having to pull my eyes from the road to look at the app.

  • @svennyd There were some reports of situations like this with the older models where even honoring push back didn't slow the board down. I would report this to @Future-Motion ASAP, you may need a new controller board or sensors.

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  • @a_onekatie thanks for the feedback, I may not be explaining this well. In both cases, the board tilts so that the front is much higher than the back then accelerates. The front rides higher than the back making if it difficult (impossible) to push the back further down to slow down. The only option would to grind like a normal skateboard to stop. However, not sure that would work out since the wheel/motor is engaged. What I am trying to explain does not feel 'right'. It felt really dangerous. The product can definitely not be designed to do this as a safety feature... Update: it just happened again, the board tilts back, front raises up, and accelerates. It's impossible to stop so I had to bail into the grass and shredded up my kneecap.

  • @svennyd At what speed did his happen? I don't know @ what speed pushback happens in Redwood.
    In principle of course, tilting up of the nose and acceleration are not possible with a correctly working board. So either your board is defect (gyro ?) and you have to send it in or e.g. your perception of your position on the board is incorrect and in fact you are still trying to push the nose down instead of the tail down. Get out of Redwood

  • @ooww said in Lost control, potential safety issue:

    @svennyd At what speed did his happen? I don't know @ what speed pushback happens in Redwood.

    At 12 MPH, it’s in the settings

  • @svennyd okay yeah, that does sound different than normal push back. I’d ask, as others have, if you’ve noticed at what speed this usually occurs? Also have you noticed if it’s happening at the same speed always or is it more willy-nilly? Have you tried riding in other modes and if so, do you notice this issue there as well?

    I would call FM CS about this today. Def. Call, not email. If you can, try to get Jon he’s seriously the best! Good luck and please keep us posted!

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