Pint treaded tire and range..

  • Curious to see if anyone has insight on how much range is lost when switching out the stock tire for treaded Hoosier??
    the tire in question

  • @tpike TBH, if a that causes any range loss or additional wt at all, I can’t imagine what the point in making the switch would be? The stock Pint tire seriously rocks and goes everywhere.

  • I ride treaded tires on both my + and my XR and saw no loss of range at all. I do have WAY more confidence on dirt, wet leaves, and mud, which is why I like the treaded tires. Might be my imagination, but carving on pavement seems more confident as well. Really cool to see this option pop up for the Pint!

  • @a_onekatie I agree, not sure it's worth it if I lose range. However, I am looking to do more dirt riding and that extra traction sounds nice.

  • @OneDan Hell yes, glad to see it hasn't been an issue for you. Thanks for your input man, really liking the idea of more confidence too.

    In the words of McCosker... Float on, my friend.

  • Flight Fins posts a 8 mile range. This is a softer-compound tire. That should make the ride much more comfortable and gives you better control of the board on bad surfaces (cracks, splits etc)

  • Okay, when someone gets one for the Pint, I’m curious now! Personally tho I’d be more interested to know about noise and potential wt increase.

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