Vinyl wrapped wood

  • Haven't seen anyone do this yet so I tried it out.. I'm not a huge fan of wood so I'm pretty happy with this.. I may in the near future make 1/4 inch solid carbon fiber replacements. This won't be a mod for everyone because removing the sensors is a bit tricky..0_1452140624155__20160106_231610.JPG

  • @njcustom Wonder if you'll get fewer "Did you make that?" comments, now.

  • @thegreck haha the wood is kinda cheesie to me but it looks better then plastic I suppose..

  • @njcustom can't wait to see full carbon clad onewheel. Footpads, rails, and fender! How did the rail covers turn out? So I've got a FM fender and I love it but definitely cracked it the first time I took it offroad. Your magnetic version is brilliant and I think would break away and not crack in the event of a impact like the bolted down FM version does. However I really like the solid nature of the fender being bolted down. I also really like the shaping on the FM fender especially the chines and where it flares out and connects to the board. I've fantasized about welding a little roll cage/luggage rack that would bolt up along with the fender. Also have imagined a handle at the apex or top of the cage that might even swivel allowing the rider to possibly jump the onewheel while grabbing the handle! Then I thought how ridiculously mad max and unrealistically bulky all that might be. Anyways I was thinking I might send my FM fender to you to make a mold shaped like the FM version and then also incorporate a handle positioned top dead center running parallel with the fender and nicely blended in. If it's possible the fenders could have removable magnets and the option to bolt on as well. Also the luggage rack idea is worth fooling around with. If I had some dry storage on the fender for my medicinal safety supplies that would be dandy! Maybe just some carbon fiber contoured containers that attached via rare earth magnets so you could take them on and off. Anyways I better stop and get some work done!

  • @njcustom also I'm a woodworker and understand everything I listed is a tall order and would involve a lot of research and development=$.

  • @ashewheeler haha I literally go to bed every night thinking about ways to improve our Onewheels!!

    The rails are coming together slowly unfortunately.. The first 2 molds were unsuccessful due to cold weather..since then I have moved my operation to another room where its warm but have not yet made a 3rd.. It will come soon tho..

    Half bindings are something I think a few people may like.. And you won't get caught up in them if you fall.. The idea is turning in my head.. Near future plan..

    I've had several people message me about storage .. Also an idea turning in my head..

    I've got many ideas I would like to try.. In due time it will all happen..

  • Please do! I have been thinking about machining some billet aluminum ones. Carbon would be sick.

  • For the footpads

  • @ckosick15 you will need a heat gun to remove the sensor.. Just a warning..

    I will make them in the near future..

  • @ckosick15 side view of two 1/4 plates I made a while back.. 6oz vs 20oz.. The plate on the right is what the foot pads would look like on the sides.. Very nice stuff 0_1452226422142__20160107_230943.JPG

  • Nice! I bet I could take those sensors out no problem. I have a heat gun. It's just hot glue. Right? If its regular old hot glue, you could probably take it out with a hair dryer.

  • @ckosick15 I don't think it's hot glue but a heat gun will make it easier to remove.. You would also want to heat it when re-installing..

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