Is Pint Pushback Really Rockback? It Seems to Tilt Back Aggressively!

  • Ok, now that you have close to (or over) 100 miles on the Pint and very likely had a chance to experience pushback. What are your thoughts?
    *First time OW'r, share how the pushback feels to you.
    *If the Pint is your second OW, share what you think compared to the full size OW pushback.

    @Future-Motion please pay attention here and see if you can release a Pint firmware update to address some of the feedback shared.

    Thank you everyone...

  • as someone who had never ridden a OW before, i personally prefer the aggressive pushback. it's a good wake-up call for me.

  • such big pushback for such a little wheel, not a fan. I'd love to be able to tone it down or change the onset speed with custom shaping. It always sends me back to the XR,

  • I seem to get mild pushback at 14.4mph consistently. I've had it at 13.9 once, probably because I was accelerating harder. At the lower speeds the pushback is pretty modest. It almost feels "natural." I notice it and immediately let pressure off of my front foot instinctively. The first few times it happened, I thought I had shifted my weight and was slowing down because of it, but it had just been an instant reaction to lift my foot a bit once the board started leaning.

    I haven't pushed my board past 14.6 yet. I only have about 40 miles and I don't want to play chicken with my board. The top speed is advertised at 16mph so I am assuming I could push through it a bit, but I've seen enough stories of people pushing through it and then nosediving to make me very cautious.

    I honestly would love to see a chart of battery current, effective voltage in relation to max in the app so I could know if I was getting close to that max. Knowing the basics of how electric motors work, the higher the current or effective voltage, the harder the motor works.

  • Funny I mentioned in another thread somewhere that I thought it should be called rockback on the pint.

    I’ve never ridden anything else to compare, but I don’t personally find it jarring at all. It really feels to me like the gentle rock of a cradle at 14 - 15 mph.

  • Just posted this on the other pushback thread. My thoughts only, could be wrong....

    15 days in on a Pint, 308 miles, and I now feel qualified to speak about pushback. Yes there is pushback that comes on relatively gently at 14.5 mph or above, dependent upon road and riding style. I say “relatively gently” and “dependent upon road and riding style” cause I think pushback aggressiveness is related to how much you’re asking of the board. Feels like when sneaking up to higher speeds gently, the pushback comes on gently. Conversely when punching it at speed the pushback can come on really aggressively and give you a Captain Morgan moment. No speed demon tho- have hit 15.5 mph a few times, but never on purpose. Float on

  • PS- having ridden the Plus a couple of times, and an XR ten or more times before getting the Pint, can say that although a higher top speed would up the fun on the Pint, still happy trading off speed for extra carve. My (read:wife’s) next OW will be a Pint. Float on

  • @a_onekatie
    LOL on Rockback... Maybe need to coin a new phase. It was the first thing that popped in my head as well.

    Anyway I really do enjoy the Pint and for sure FM has developed a very clear speed/ power limit indication.

  • not aggressive at all, sometime you need to keep focus otherwise you don't feel it at all, that why the second day I freaking fly (nose dive) like spiderman (a noob)


  • I've been riding Onewheels since July. I missed the pushback the first couple times. I thought it was just something I was doing while riding. To see what it felt like, I purposely ran the board to 0 volts/total shutoff. Definitely felt it then and have been able to feel it ever since. Just got my Pint today and only did a couple laps in the yard to see how it felt. Going to take it out tomorrow for a longer ride and to see what speed and how aggressive the pushback is.

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