OW Pint Operating in Unexpected Ways

  • Hello all,

    I recently got a OW Pint and I've been having some issues.

    The most noticeable one is sometimes when I'm coming up to get going, the board will not engage, it will let lean all the way forward, about a second later after hitting the ground, the wheels will begin spinning as if I was leaning all the way in. This causes the board to fly off. This has caused minor falls, especially if I lose balance on my back leg from falling forward unexpectedly.

    Also sometimes I will come up, the OW will not engage and then the OW will lean all the way forward and then the OW will start blinking Green and I'll get an overcurrent warning on the app..

    I am near the max rider weight of the Pint. Do you think this is the issue?

    This happens about 1 in 6 times, maybe less.

  • @lukereiser
    Before you rock forward on the pint do both the left and right side status lights turn dark blue (LED bar). This indicates correct pressure on the sensors. If your shoes do not hold contact until the status bar LED goes to white then contact might be the issue at low to no speed.

  • @LidPhones I will triple check but I believe both pads are engaged, hence the zooming full speed once I hit the ground.

    Any ideas what's happening if both pads ARE engaged the whole time?

  • @lukereiser
    I have had the Pint sensors (Left / Right) not fully sense my heel lift for dismount and then re-engage to take off again causing the temporary spin out you mentioned( I am 245 lbs). I have never seen the Green LED for over-current but that could be a result of the max loading when spinning with nose down. If the sensors engage and disengage correctly I would reach out to FM via trouble ticket or call.

  • This dismount sensor issue was due to my foot placement on the deck and not waiting the couple of seconds needed to disengage... I was too used to the larger XR deck and sensors.

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