OW Pint Nosedive Going Up Wheelchair Curb Ramp

  • I just totally nosedived (wrist protectors FTW).

    I was only going up from the street on to the sidewalk on one of those wheelchair access ramps (pic included).

    This is a tiny incline... many streets in my city have the same incline and I'm really worried about doing this again.

    I am close to the rider weight of the OW pint (may have exceeded it with backpack/laptop/water).

    This is the return of my commute, so I basically can't commute on my OW pint if it can't go up a curb wheelchair ramp.

    Advice?alt text

  • @lukereiser Try to ride up just by coasting, don't push into it for acceleration. It's likely you can avoid the nosedive if you carry speed into the incline but stop accelerating before it starts. Let us know!

  • Uphill takes a bit of practice if you’re new to the OW. I regularly ride up those ramps and those yellow nobby pads with no issue on my commute nowadays. There’s even a low curb (4” maybe) I can take np.

    Try riding in Elevate for a bit, that really helped me to get the hang of inclines.

  • Like skateboarding and passing over cracks, try to center your weight and let the board work, don't lean forward when entering that zone and you should be fine!

    take care

  • Hit it until you make it

  • I haven't had any issues with them... but i haven't gone that fast yet only 6 day in on a Onewheel Pint and haven't gone over 11mph and I usually cruise a between 8-10mph... i still have the wobbling when i go faster then that... these ramp i have been taking at about 3-6mph and when i do i square up when taking them.

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