Pint under the rain

  • Hi guys,
    I'm considering buying a Pint to commute this winter, but I'm in Europe (France, Germany, Luxembourg) and it's gonna get very rainy in the coming months... So either I wait for Spring or I learn to float on water ^^

    I was wonering if you tested the Pint under the rain, how is it if you're a complete beginner?
    What would be your recommendations: wait for spring or buy it in the coming months?
    And of course, if I buy a Pint I'll take a fender ;)

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

  • @BaWoW I'm a new onewheeler... live in the Seattle area. Haven't had it long but have ridden in light/misty rain a couple of times. No issues. Very wet sidewalks... same. Never had a feeling of it slipping or anything. I did go slower though, maybe average of 8mph. With any speed the rain hitting you isn't any fun, I couldn't imagine doing it in full downpour.

  • @RonZon Speaking from experience, careful of the wet leaves! That's why I got treaded tires on my + and XR, which can still slip, but nothing like the slicks. Better in little mud patches as well.

  • @BaWoW
    Like @RonZon, I've taken my Pint (with fender) in some light rain and it was fine. I also just slowed down a little than I normally ride. I live in Portland, OR and some of the XR owners have waterproofed their boards. They call it "badgering". Looks like the kits they are talking about are on, but the waterproofing kit says, "Pint hasn't been evaluated yet". I'm not sure the Pint is better sealed, or if it also needs to be waterproofed.

  • @RonZon Oh good :) thanks for the feedback

  • @BaWoW
    I have both the XR and Pint. The Pint design looks better fit for the elements. I have ridden in rain and standing water (slowly to minimize splashing). Traction is always something to watch on a single contact point device (OW). I watch out for leafs and clipped grass (both reduce friction). Damp roads and trails do not seem to have much if any impact on traction. Standing water is a different matter and I slow down for that. Have fun..
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  • @LidPhones thanks for your feedback :)

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