Firmware release notes

  • Hi all,

    Reading through the forums there seems to be quite a few perceived issues and speculation regarding 'fixes' covered by different firmware.

    For the sake of completeness I'd like to see how many other people on the forum would like to see some kind of 'release note' regarding the different firmware changes.

    I think its in FM's best intentions to be a little more transparent with users. Currently the device is a 'black box' (which isn't a bad thing either), however I'd like to know what changes were made to the board so i can either adjust my riding style or have some piece of mind that the device wont just shut-down and throw me off onto the pavement at 10km/h.


  • @intra yes absolutely needed. Every firmware update in any product I've owned has pretty much shown the changes/ improvements. Definately think It's crucial when it comes to OW as our safety is involved.

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