Onewheel Photoshoot Thread...

  • I did get a wild hair this week... stumbled across a nice used XR at a deal I couldn't refuse. Under 200 miles, so barely broken in. It has some mods that aren't exactly what I would have done, mostly from a cosmetic standpoint, but it's all good.
    I'll be changing the sidekicks to white with XR on them, probably painting the fender black, and I was thinking removing the strange surfboard pad grip, but the surface is actually quite comfortable and the big bump at the rear of the back foot is functional!
    Took her out for a 9 mile ride around downtown SD (I'm back down south for now). It was crazy cause I would get 9 miles out of a full charge on my pint, but I was literally at 72% battery remaining on this beast! It was a very different ride than I am used to... far more stable and smooth. Of course less nimble, but I think I fell in love with the bigger tire again.

    Here are a couple photos from my ride!




  • @SixFootFiveGuy , Welcome back!

  • @HorsePlay
    Thanks! It's good to be back on here and back riding regularly again! I plan to stick around and stay consistent this time, both on the forum and on the road 😇

  • @SixFootFiveGuy Glad to hear you're diggin the XR, way more fun and stable on the sand,
    I love my foam grips really cushy on the feet and barefoot friendly on the beach.
    don't paint that fender, paint scratches off too easily, get a black fender use the box and I'll buy the blue one from you, mine needs an update at 2500mi.
    happy you'll be kickin around here more.

  • @b0ardski
    So actually the fender was originally the army green color, and the guy I bought it from decided to paint it. He found some paint that changes color from blue to purple, depending on the lighting. He painted the fender and bumpers. Not really my style, but it's not actually that bad.

    I'm so hooked on this XR (over the pint). Yesterday I rode 12.2 miles, and today I actually used it as transportation and rode to a friend's place and back, getting in 18.9 miles! That's by far my longest ride ever, and second longest was yesterday's ride 😇.

    Here are a couple photos from yesterday and today...



  • @SixFootFiveGuy , Where was the last shot (above) taken?

  • @HorsePlay

    The one with the road? That was on the San Luis Rey River bike path, in Oceanside along the 76. It's a very smooth long path, maybe 8 miles or so.

    The one above that was on the South Strand also in Oceanside.

  • @SixFootFiveGuy said in Onewheel Photoshoot Thread...:

    The one with the road? That was on the San Luis Rey River bike path, in Oceanside along the 76. It's a very smooth long path, maybe 8 miles or so.

    Thank you! I thought it was familiar ... but I wasn't quite sure. We rode the San Luis Rey River path from the coastal trailhead to the skate park and back in June of this year. We took a side trip to ride the old I-5 Exit ramp (such fun!) and met another Onewheel rider, Martin, on the ramp.

    Seems Oceanside is popular with OW owners! (We've seen or met some each trip we've made since becoming aware of this special rideable.)

  • @HorsePlay
    Yup! I passed right by the skate park on this voyage! I also almost stopped at the freeway ramp and considered heading up it to take some photos, but I was a bit beat cause at that point I was close to the 15 mile mark. Next time for sure!

    Yes, there sure are a lot of Onewheelers around here!

  • Couldn't resist another ride in this amazing summer weather. Nearly 80 degrees on the coast, which is far warmer than normal! I'm so addicted to this thing... just a casual 7 mile ride today was the perfect end to another fine day!

    ***Check out the Onewheeling Guy that was randomly cruising by at the exact moment I snapped the shot! Total coincidence!



  • @SixFootFiveGuy if only the rider was silhouetted in the centre of that big fireball in the sky... 3 ft to the right.

    Still a great shot for unplanned. 👍

  • @stinkyface
    I guess there's always photoshop to fix that 🤣

  • @SixFootFiveGuy Nice seeing these SoCal sunset pics again. Great shots!

  • Did an 84km ride to visit Kelmarsh Tunnel. Planned on going a bit further up the old railway turned cycle route to Market Harborough but forgot to factor in the terrain when planning the trip so had to cut the last few KM to make sure I made it back.

    Just before getting to the mouth of the tunnel the GoPro that I'd been grabbing some neat ride shots died. Seeing as it'd been about 3 hours of almost non-stop riding a little break was sorely needed while I let the GoPro charge up. Never to miss an opportunity to grab a few pics I snapped this while I cooled off.

    Good thing I cut the ride short. I got back after 6.5 hours riding with about 7% left on the gauge. Terrain knocked about 10% total range off my pack which I'm fine with, when I first started riding I rode exclusively on busted farm tracks which took an entire 50% off before I discovered the wonder that is paved surfaces. Learning to factor terrain losses on route planning has become crucial for these longer rides where getting it wrong can be the difference between having enough left for the inclines and a walk of shame spanning several kilometres >.>

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