Onewheel Photoshoot Thread...

  • oh, i should post mine: i got a good pic (finally) this past weekend. i love Nevada in the fall.


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    Zombie Tank 🧟‍♂️ In Lewes Delaware

  • @b0ardski said in Onewheel Photoshoot Thread...:

    Nice pics, I was there last week, rode theXR at the beach at Oceanside but neglected to take pics; we were having fish n chips right before watching the sunset and walking back to the car saw a tall guy on a pint. betting it was you.
    I believe that's my stepson over by the tower in both pics, bummed I missed you
    ![alt text]

    Hey B0ardski,
    You bet... that was definitely me 🤙. Im 6'5" and slender, so when on a Onewheel, I'm pretty hard to miss 🤣. Too bad we didnt have a chance to say hello and meet! Yeah, that fish and chips place is dangerous... its soooooo good! Let me know when you're back here with your OW, and we can go for a coastal ride and have a beer on my boat.
    Small world tho, and I'm digging the Onewheel community. Funny that your pic and my pic were at the same place and time basically. This is my neighborhood, the harbor, and I ride out here almost daily... both the strand and harbor.

    Here's an awesome shot from the other day...Screenshot_20191103-101455_Gallery.jpg

    By the way, just an interesting note to all, I'm absolutely loving my Pint and now gonna sell my V1. All I do is cruise the coast, low key, and I find the Pint is perfect for that. Not sure if it's normal, but I'm easily getting a 12 mile range on a charge. I didnt expect that at all. My V1 got 10 miles, which I thought was amazing... this is even better. My normal route is around 7 miles so knowing I can do 12, or easily 10, is perfect. I'll still upgrade to the Pint XR when it comes out, eventually.


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    Decided to head up to Newport Beach today to spend some time riding and exploring. It was in the mid 70s and perfect out! Put 8 miles on my Pint, and still had 24% battery remaining.

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    Rode around the entire Coronado Island today... it was beautiful out there! That was my first time riding there and I'll definitely do it again 🤙

  • My little town here in southern Nevada averages 333 days a year of full sun. This gave me hope of maybe getting on that "Top days in a row" list someday. Well this has been our weather for the last week.

    This picture was taken from the virgin river casino. (yes the same place that ran me off for riding across their parking lot, but "any port in a storm")
    This does put a damper on things. I guess I am just a fair weather rider.

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    Drove out to Los Alamos NM. to spend some time with my daughter and new grandchild. Holy crap on a cracker it's cold out there.
    Did learn that the OW doesn't function if the battery is under 40' F.

  • @Sponge315
    That's an epic picture!

  • After a couple days of decent rain around here, in SoCal, the skies have cleared and the air is super fresh. Had to get out on one of my normal 7 mile rides this evening. I took a couple of "creative" shots...
    Oh, and yes... I really am that tall 😂. 6 foot 5 inches, size 13 foot, and comfortably on a Pint! Loving my new Kush Nug rear footpad, today was my first run with it and it was a game changer.

    Screenshot_20191205-182619_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191205-182630_Gallery.jpg

    Came back feeling all refreshed and turned on the heater, cause it's an icy 60 degrees out 🤦‍♂️.

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    Homemade detachable fender for the pint. One peace of plastic and velcro tape. Easy to store in backpack when not in use.19406DE0-5CE0-4A49-9B2E-F264371FC721.jpeg

  • @JKarlsson
    Whaaaaat the!?!? That looks legit!

  • Very Nice, Is the OW logo a sticker or did you print that on there somehow?

  • @Sponge315 It's just the sticker:)

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