Onewheel Photoshoot Thread...

  • @stinkyface
    I guess there's always photoshop to fix that 🤣

  • @SixFootFiveGuy Nice seeing these SoCal sunset pics again. Great shots!

  • Did an 84km ride to visit Kelmarsh Tunnel. Planned on going a bit further up the old railway turned cycle route to Market Harborough but forgot to factor in the terrain when planning the trip so had to cut the last few KM to make sure I made it back.

    Just before getting to the mouth of the tunnel the GoPro that I'd been grabbing some neat ride shots died. Seeing as it'd been about 3 hours of almost non-stop riding a little break was sorely needed while I let the GoPro charge up. Never to miss an opportunity to grab a few pics I snapped this while I cooled off.

    Good thing I cut the ride short. I got back after 6.5 hours riding with about 7% left on the gauge. Terrain knocked about 10% total range off my pack which I'm fine with, when I first started riding I rode exclusively on busted farm tracks which took an entire 50% off before I discovered the wonder that is paved surfaces. Learning to factor terrain losses on route planning has become crucial for these longer rides where getting it wrong can be the difference between having enough left for the inclines and a walk of shame spanning several kilometres >.>

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