Ferrite Ring Rattle Fixed by FM. LEDs still fail

  • Hi All, for years FM has been pumping out OWs with a known issue of the ferrite ring knocking around in the control box tearing the wires out of the front LEDs.

    I have an XR with the 4208 hardware. About a year old and 2,500km young. The front LED started flickering about 500km ago and I've just finished giving the board a refresh including opening the control box and fixing the ferrite ring LED flicker.

    I was always a bit concerned that my board didn't have the obvious ferrite ring rattle and the LED flicker could be a new issue?

    Shouldn't have worried. The uprade FM have given the 4208 version is to wrap the ferrite ring in a shrink wrap and a soft foam. No more ferrite ring rattle!!!!

    Unfortunately the ring still bounces around and breaks the wires.