Pushback Warning

  • I ride a lot with headphones in, and while there’s a noise made when wheel slip occurs, I feel like it would be beneficial if there was a noise or an alarm that went off once the board started push back. It would eliminate any question of if there was actually pushback happening or not and prevent a lot of nosedives

  • yeah, i don't know why this isn't a standard thing. it would certainly help clear up confusion.

  • Yet another request that was asked when the + became popular . . . don't hold your breath.

  • EUC's have tiltback and an audible warning. I've been riding EUC's for a good while now and have yet to nosedive.

    EUC = electric unicycles

  • @admdavis agreed, and recently suggested, via survey, the same to FM, but ALSO coming audibly from the board itself- my BT is never rock-solid with the OW (and rarely solid with other internet of things owned.) I love bluetooth, but wouldn’t trust it to be on time the moment I needed it most... I bled miserably from a speed cutout (wearing headphones) but think an audible, and perhaps a blinky visual too from status light is worth considering for next gen OWs.

  • Yeah, I love my XR. I mean it’s almost coming between my wife and I. I truly love this thing, but I shouldn’t have to guess if I’m about to face plant while cruising. This is one of the main reasons I got an OW in the first place. I love skateboarding but pebbles causing an abrupt stop suck. The big tire solves this but not knowing if I’m gonna get thrown is uncool. A simple audible beep along with pushback would solve the problem and make so many current and potential onewheelers feel so much more confident in their stoke!

  • I recently broke my collarbone while riding my Pint. I'm guessing it's because I didn't notice pushback but I have no way to know for sure. There should be a built-in audible alarm along with pushback, and it should be available via the app for those of us with older models. I suggested this through technical support but I'm pretty disappointed to find that many people have been suggesting this already and that other products already have this (should be required) feature.

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