Shut off

  • Well, it finally happened. After almost 1 K miles my O/W + shut down on me and down I went. I was riding uphill up my driveway at 5-10 MPH. I know it shut down because it rolled 100' back down the driveway. I put it on the charger stand and plugged it in. Now the light blinks 3 times rapidly, pauses for 2 seconds and repeats. Also the app. on my phone shows zero miles and zero charge (It was fully charged before I went on my 100' ride. It's been acting up some lately and won't always start up when I get on and I have to try again 2-3 times. Any ideas?

  • @speedracer not speaking from experience, but try popping off the front footpad and physically disconnect the battery for a few minutes to fully power down the controller.

  • Thanks for the reply, but it's on the way back FedEx to get fixed. Thing is, when the motor shuts off you are going DOWN, HARD. I have two cracked ribs. When it returns I'll ride again, but if it ever shuts down on me again, my O/W days are SO over. I love riding my O/W but a shutdown is just the worst thing that can happen (when you don't deserve it).

  • @speedracer

    Do you have Fangs? They've saved me a number of times, and allowed me to run-out things that would have thrown me. Don't throw-in the towel until you try them.

  • @Kielanders Yes, it has fangs. I bought it used (86 miles) and the owner had installed them. They saved me a couple times riding from pavement to sidewalk up short, steep wheelchair transitions and did their job. I sent it back to O/W 3 weeks ago and haven't heard back.

  • Got my O/W back from the factory a few days ago, my wallet being $460.00 thinner. They changed out a something-or-other controller for $260.00, a new tire for $100.00 (which I didn't ask for since I had a new one sitting on the shelf) and shipping. Everything works great and no more of the not always starting shit when I step on it. It had been doing that for a couple weeks and I was a little concerned but soldiered on and paid for it. My cracked ribs (forth time...… so far) are healing nicely but sneezing is still low on the fun scale. Been riding every day and finally got over the 1,000 mile mark. It was my first O/W injury. BTW, I'm 75, still ski and fly my Long EZ.

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