What do you guys recommend I do with my board if it won't charge?

  • I've had a dead board for almost a year now. I bought a new charger, but it still won't charge. No error codes (except dead battery one!).

    I was thinking just throw it in the trash since Futuremotion is completely unresponsive to my questions and service requests? Almost like the company doesn't exist after I spent so much money with them. Hmmm....

    Anyway, trash? It's a v1 board, one of the first. Or is there somewhere I can get a few bucks for it?

  • Duuuuude!!!!! Pick up the phone and call them already!

  • e e e eBay y y y,
    Or you could likely sell it here. I think there are a bunch of us that would buy another board. I personally would love a V1 project. Guilt free license to open one of these babies up and snoop around inside without violating a warranty. So now it just boils down to price.
    Money is always the sticky thing isn't it.

  • @chrizto4

    Yeah, it's trash.

    Look, you seem like a nice guy - I'll give you $25 bucks to take it off your hands.

    . . . either that, or you could CALL them and get it fixed.


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