Pint I need to sell

  • So long story short, I live in Singapore, got a pint shipped to me in NY whilst I was there on a business trip. Loved it and did a lot of homework on travelling with a OW but sometimes you just meet the wrong person at the check-in desk. I gave my pint to a buddy who shipped it to a freight forwarder that I use but they won't take it because it's "used"... no words. It's a slate pint with no charger, has done a grand total of 26 km / 16 mi... I'm in a bind and looking for a good US-based soul that doesn't want to wait for FM to build them one of these beautiful machines. Given that someone will have to replace the charger (it does have about 30% atm) and I'll have to ship it, I'm thinking 650?

  • @reilly Why is there no charger with it?

  • I had the charger in my checked bag and didn’t pull it out with the pint when I couldn’t check the pint.

  • @reilly sucks about the traveling thing-about to troubleshoot cross country flight (US) with Delta. Would offer $600 US, less shipping to Long Beach CA. Would need serial number, and steps to know this is legit- is there a way to dm on this forum?

  • @McFloaty I was flying with Qatar Airways and those guys are insanely strict. I’ve read a bunch of success stories from guys doing domestic US flights. Anyway, I think I figured out the DM, if you don’t have one from me reply here and I’ll try again.

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