• Days ago I purchased an XR + from EBAY. It was advertised as brand new - Open Box Never Used. All the pics looked great...Seller has 100% rating. I bought it for 1650 + CA tax. After the purchase, I noticed this guy had sold 9 onewheel XR ‘s in the last 6 months! Though all of his ratings are 100% satisfied, I can’t help but wonder if all this is on the up and up. My board is scheduled to arrive this FRI so I will have more info then.

    I have so many questions...

    How is he getting so many?
    Are these counterfeit?
    Are they stolen?
    Are they rebuilt?

    If anyone has thoughts...PLEASE✌️⁉️ &Thx

  • @qelsupreze Sounds a little bit strange, keep us updated and good luck for Friday.

  • When it arrives, assuming that it will, Do the registration with Future Motion. They should be able to let you know if the s/n belongs to somebody else. I haven't heard about a theft ring or anything so it is curious.

  • @qelsupreze

    I'm with ya' - I think that guy posted another one today.

    I was able to track back the sales history for his page, and noticed it looked like he'd moved 8 or 9 in the last year.

    Now I can't find the page I was looking at to view that history this morning (rarely go to Ebay), but I know what I saw - it definitely sent-up a red flag.


    Correction, I looked at his profile here on the boards -

    But, I think he may just be posting the EBay links of others as he comes across them as an FYI to the community here.

  • There is quite a secondary market for onewheels. There are people that buy them 6 at a time and part them out. I have seen specials and know of friends that have purchased XRs new from stores for $1300. People that know, will buy them and sell them on Marketplace and Ebay for a profit.

    From a merchant's POV if it doesn't sell in x amount of time they will let them go at cost or even a loss. People look for smaller board shops where a $2000 robot skateboard may not move compared to the rest of the sub $500 inventory. Then buy it and market it to the right audience for "top dollar".

    I bought mine used. When I got it I emailed FM to ask how long I had on the warranty. If it is brand new they will be able to tell you , if it isn't they will be able to tell you when it was purchased for the first time.

    As far as I know there is no serial number registry or database for stolen one wheels. though there prolly should be.

  • I was wondering if the board arrived and if it was legit? I've been watching a few of these auctions, seems to be quite a few from this same seller? Thanks.

  • Hey Onewheelers.... Meant to reply sooner but
    Time Flies When ur FLOATING🤩‼️ So, ERTHANG worked out GREAT😎. Board came Brand New, Original Box w, booklet! I recommend if you want to buy a new onewheel, check out Ebay...I saved $300

  • Congratulations, quick question and perhaps off topic, if you buy one "new" off ebay verse a retailer, do you still get a full 1 year warranty? I can't tell if these auctions are business's or person to person. Does Future Motion look at the first registration as the in service date thus starting the one year factory warranty? Thanks!

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