New to Pint, been riding a XR for a while

  • I just received a Pint a couple of days ago, I already have a XR.
    The Pint is quite nimble, quick and easy to turn, I have it on Skyline.
    I turned "simple stop" off because that's not the way I stop, also I like to rock back and forth while waiting at a stop light. I did try "simple stop" a few times and it works great.
    The push back on the Pint is quite aggressive, while going uphill, I hit push back every 15 feet. Also push back comes in at a lower speed than on the XR
    The XR is so forgiving and push back is gentle and hits smoothly.
    I like both boards but each has its merits.
    My Onewheel was rolling around in the cargo area when transporting it.

    I thought of buying a stand that lays the board on it's side while transporting a Onewheel in my small suv, but the stand didn't look like it would prevent the board from tipping over .
    My cheap solution was a small car tire and just plop the board on top, but the board must be strapped down in the cargo area of a suv, least it becomes a 30 lb. missile in a sudden stop.

    That 1/5 scale XR needs grip tape, hard to ride.onewheel.JPG

  • @lemur
    Welcome to the Pint. I love it and variety is the spice of Life. I totally agree on the Pint pushback vs XR. Once you get used to it, not so bad. How is your Bluetooth connectivity on the Pint vs XR, seems a bit weaker to me?

  • @LidPhones
    I don't seem to have any problems with connectivity .
    I'm on a iphone , no problems so far.
    I can't get over how quick the turns are with the Pint, sneeze and you've done a 360.

  • @lemur
    I forgot to mention I am passing the iPhone Bluetooth to my Apple Watch so that additional load my impact the iPhone signal a bit. I have found steady connection by putting the iPhone into airplane mode and just using Bluetooth to patch the OW watch app to the OW. When just using the iPhone I have not issues getting realtime ride data. Happy TerraSurfing...

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