Commute Stories

  • Did a search for a commute story thread and didn't see any. So I thought that I would start one.

    My silly little story is that I took off this morning and noticed that I only had 25% on the app. Well my ride to work is about 2.5 miles. The last mile of which is all up a pretty big hill. I know that it usually takes about 20% of my battery, so that wouldn't leave me much to get home on, no problem I'll just throw the charger in my bag, and I'm off. (I suspect some of the more experienced riders know how this going to end already). Get to work, no worries, and plug my baby in.
    8 hours later it's time to pack up and head out. Down the hall, across the parking lot, and about half way down the hill, My phone makes a terrible noise and the XR shuts down. What the?
    "Battery overcharge", oh yeah, I did read something about that, like the first day I had this thing. Live and learn.

  • @Sponge315 yep. Overcharge pushback is real.

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