Generation 2, wish list of inovations

  • Scale for performance, what I see.
    Increase the voltage to variable voltage up to 72 volts, to increase torque for uphills Vs speed upgrade.Pull from Tesla designs.
    Increase tire size by about an inch, then increase the hub size by 2 inches, bigger hubs are more efficient & percentage of side wall use falls inside those parameters.
    Make it fold in half with a 2 to 1 hinge made out of high tensile aluminum. This would give it a little more flex like a wooden skate board deck.

  • @trx430ex
    I even came up with the idea of retracting 3 inch casters front and back, that in very low speed environments the rear castor comes down first if in a 2 mph or less environment so one can come a complete stop and be standing on Terra Ferma. But the moment the board tips forward the Castor retracts. The castor in the front works in reverse direction of the rear. That is how far I got down the design. Patent that.

  • @trx430ex Even in the retracted position the Castor serves a purpose of rolling skid plate. Cutting down the odds of face planting.

  • Faster, more powerful, longer battery life and if possible. slightly lighter.

    I'd be thrilled.
    I'd honestly buy two

  • @trx430ex interesting concepts. At the current rate of innovation in this space I'm guessing there will be devices fitting your wish list in the not too distant future but don't hold your breath...probably take a couple years.

  • Extend the batteries into a triangular shape, wider near the wheel, to provide more range and speed.

    I'd love to use one of these for my 8 mile commute to work at say... 25mph.

    There was a Kickstarter campaign for an off road electric skateboard that could go 15 miles and do 28mph (maybe not both at the same time though). Was called Gnarboards.

  • @grayforge
    From their site:
    "Gnarboards use Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries. LiPo batteries are smaller, lighter, and most importantly: pack way more “punch” than LiFePO4."

    Yeah, they also catch on fire ;)

    But sure, if you made the OW weigh 40 Kg (86 pound) , I'm sure you could add som range to that as well.

    They are of course completely different concepts all together. With different uses, and all that.

  • I went on Gnarboards site and says there all "sold out". The one thing I see about Gnarboards that is different from OneWheel is there was more room for battery cells on that thing. I'm just assuming thats why the battery lasted longer but I could be wrong. How much did those things sell for?

  • Agree. But there remains plenty of room for more battery.

  • @atl1wheelin Well the cheapest model went for just shy of $3000 on the kickstarter.
    You are most certainly not wrong that it has a lot more batteries. With the weight and size being what it is, and the speed and range specs.
    And, well the price. It's sure to have a lot more KWh than the OW.

  • I guessing the new board will have a better design and be slightly more inexpensive. With his new investor involved I'm guessing we will see version 2 sooner then we think.

  • add bumpers on the rails to prevent so much scratching

  • I would love to see something done to improve the carryability of the board when not riding it. When friends ask me to compare the Onewheel vs. the Boosted Board, I recommend the one wheel on every front ("it's not even a competition")....except for how heavy and ungainly it is.

    It's not just the weight, though— many people carry 20-28lb bikes on transit stairways. It's just not designed in a way that affords shoulder or two-handed carrying, or with any way to roll it around. Caster wheels? A carry strap? Lightening the whole thing? I don't know what the solution is, but if I could have one thing in Gen2, it would be a better way to bridge the distance from the subway to the street.

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