It Bricked

  • My XR ‘bricked!
    Total bummer as I was smacked to the pavement. It never leaves the ground when I ride. I’m just into carving, no tricks. So I was just crossing the street around 10 mph. Maybe 25-28% battery and it cut out momentarily but it must have kicked back in cause I was able to recover. Just a half mile later crossing another street it completely bricked and this time there was no recovery. I sent FM an email through their tec support. Love my Onewheel but a definite loss of confidence for now. Is this fixable? Thoughts Anyone?

  • What do you mean by "bricked"? The board is dead and doesn't turn on anymore, or it just shut off while you were riding, and then you were able to continue with your ride, albeit a bit scuffed and bruised. If it is the second, I have a similar problem with my plus. Future Motion answered me after I had logged them a ticket and with my diagnostics from the app, that I need to send the board to their facility as the logs are clear of any specific errors. I guess that the front sensor has a problem or the controller itself; I'm still thinking whether I should send mine as it is an international order which is out of warranty and that will cost as much as a Pint for repairs. Send them the diagnostics from the app and your serial number so that they can stitch the diagnostic logs with your email.

  • Yeah I did send them a diagnostic and of coarse they don’t see anything that supports my event.
    By ‘bricked’ I mean the power goes out momentarily but long enough for the front of the board to go down and plow into the pavement. Then of course I hit the pavement, not fun. I’ll be sending mine in cause it’s still under warranty, just barely. I hope they find the problem because my confidence was shaken to say the least.

  • @kammadam

    Bricked is when is shuts-off and will not turn back-on, even after a charging.

    What I think you're referring to is similar to a surge, where it will jump forward for a split second, then drop off.

    If it is a surge, that's part of board feedback, letting you know to slow down, that you're over driving the battery for the power that is left. Surge, like pushback, is another way for the board to tell you to slow the fuck down, that the battery doesn't have enough juice for any number of reasons.

    I'm assuming your hitting the pavement is a faceplant. In that case, you need to get Fangs, if you haven't already. Fangs will allow the board to decelerate more slowly, and not catapult you off the board.

  • @Kielanders said in It Bricked:

    In that case, you need to get Fangs

    Big fang fan here!

  • I appreciate the feedback. I guess I stand corrected about the term ‘bricked’.
    However, I was traveling only about 10 mph on a flat paved surface. The front of the board dropped for a moment and then recovered. This took place in under a second, then about a half mile later the front dropped and this time did not recover and I went down. Fangs are nice (I have them) but they’re not a total rescue as I still fell.
    Maybe I was going more like 15 mph ish. It’s as if the power ‘blips’ off momentarily, long enough to cause a problem.

  • So just to be clear, what I mean by ‘blip’ is that the power cuts out momentarily. Long enough to cause a crash. I’m a decent rider, on and off road. But, Fangs have yet to save me. So far they have only delayed my fall to the ground. I guess I need to practice my reaction to dismounting while the Fangs are doing their thing. But let me just say this...... I own four electric skateboards and a Onewheel XR. I was close to thinking that the Onewheel was my all around favorite one to ride. But this ‘bricking’ or whatever you want to call it really has opened my eyes to a huge drawback for the Onewheel. On an electric skateboard if the power cuts out or goes out completely, all you do is coast to a stop and hop off. If the Onewheel cuts out even for a second or two you’re screwed! The vulnerability is huge and I’m just now realizing it.
    I’m mailing mine in today for it to be checked out. It takes just one good smack down on the pavement to totally mess with your confidence on the Onewheel. I hope I get it back.

  • @kammadam Agree on the confidence shaking . . . I had to ride home the last half mile or so after I had a nose dive at 21 mph, all bloody and scraped up. After that, it was weeks before I had the courage to get back on. While that was my fault (you can read about it in my posts), it was quite disheartening. Some 2500 miles later, I've kept the speed down around 14/15 mph and even wear a watch so I can validate that speed. I am a fan of the fangs, even though I'm sure they would have done nothing in my high speed crash. They have saved me twice, but only on low speed over acceleration situations.

    All that said, even after some 3000+ miles on my + and XR combined, the issue you're having would give me pause. Hopefully they can find out what's wrong with your board as I haven't heard of this happening to many people, unless they are going fast, going up hill, over accelerating, hitting a bump, etc.

    I love my OWs and the places they take me no other board can go. Hopefully your confidence will come back if/when they fix your board.

  • I'm convinced that at least half the shutoffs/nosedives are from worn out or wrong shoes. I had a nosedive, sent the board in, got it back and it still felt a little "funky". Then (and only then) I remembered that the board was acting up a year or so ago and I just happened to get a new pair of sneakers at that time. The board stopped acting up. So this time I bought another new pair and the board stopped it's "funkyness". I sure wish I'd thought of that before I sent it in. Before the nosedive sometimes I'd have to try several times to get the motor started. Try new shoes and maybe save yourself five hundred bucks.

  • @kammadam what was the outcome of mailing the board in for a checkout? I had a similar experience: riding along smooth concrete, 48% battery, not cold, not fast, and then bam fractured proximal r-radius.

  • @Kielanders

    Im going to try fangs as a result of not just what you said here which is HUGE but my similar incident under 10mph. Didnt brick but nosedived. I think i may have tilted board down too much on "getgo" and threw me off. Still healing from clavicle injury which wakes me up every night in pain.
    My theroy was a better regulating capacitor (or transformer) is needed for better flow of energy between battery and motor. Don't know just made sense in my head. What do you recommend for fang brand? I dont think ones that are too hard would be good compared to softer more rubber-like ones that could handle bumps better on pavement. Thoughts?

  • @SlyFoxxx

    I've used the Mini Fangs from Land Surf for around 500 miles. I love them, and they've saved me many many times. They've even saved me on some harder turf grass.

    I use the black on black style Mini Fangs with the nylon wheel frames, but they also offer them with aluminum frames. I've been very very happy with them:

    What has really helped me is doing 'tap exercises' with the Fangs installed. At the beginning of every ride, from a standstill in my driveway, I tap the nose of the board to the ground, then quickly recover. I also now do 'butt taps' where I do the same thing with the rear of the board.

    I do 10 taps at the beginning of each ride as a warm-up. I think it has trained my reflexes for immediate recovery without drama and panic. Now it's just second nature, and I feel much more confident and secure on the board.

    I'd say the wheel hardness on the Fangs is about an 80 on the Shore Scale - harder than a rubber tire tread, but softer than a shopping cart wheel, similar to the hardness on the heel of a man's dress shoe.

    The Mini Fangs have been one of the best investments I've made from a safety standpoint.

  • Have you guys talking fangs tried a float plate at all? Just curious as it’s basically the only reason I have mine.

    Just occurred to me that I have had no brick starts since switching out my stock footpads for the surestance ones. Until this past weekend when I did my tire mod... so this has me wondering if it’s something to do with how good/tight your wire connection is?

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