Pint Owners - Pacific or Skyline?

  • I got my Pint end of September, and it's awesome, but there is one thing I can't decide on; which riding mode I prefer. I've been switching to Pacific from Skyline, and back again, trying to figure out which I like more. So I wanted to see what other riders think. Do you prefer one riding mode over the other? Is one better in certain conditions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Any help is appreciated!

  • @Aboelter Pacific.

    To me, Pacific is the “unofficial official” ride mode for the pint. I’d only ever switch to Skyline if I were racing or trying to record a top speed. I actually find the Elevate mode more useful.

    There’s also an FM Vlog on “things they wish they knew” where the guys talk about why Pacific is the ideal ride mode for pint.

  • i recently switched to Pacific, and i'm liking it a lot -- it feels like snowboarding to me. i haven't tried Skyline, tbh, and i'm not sure i have a need to so far.

  • Recently got my Pint for my train to work and back commute which basically is street to sidewalk rides and Skyline is awesome. On range test rides, I got 8 miles with 8-18% battery remaining at speeds 10-15 miles. Not sure, to expect less or more with pacific mode. Never tried it on the Pint. Always preferred delirium on my OW+ over mission and guess I carried that ride mode straight to the pint. Have to give pacific a try🤔

  • @El-toro-onewheel I get 12 miles range averaging 14/15 ts in Pacific mode.

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