Pint charge port cap

  • I just got a Pint a few weeks ago and I have been trying to come up with a good charge port cover solution.
    I think I found it in the form of a 12.07mm rubber grommet.

    Nice tight fit. Sealed from dust and debris and splashing water. It even has a ridge so is easy to pry out with your finger to remove.
    No 3D printing, no custom forming.

    I bought this assorted grommet set from Harbor Freight. Someone could probably make some money buying a bunch of these kits and selling each grommet for more than the cost of the whole pack.






  • Nice!
    Just to be clear on what you did. You are using the 7.14X12.7 (7pc) with the 7.14 little plug (20pc). Yes?
    That of course leaves you with 6 spares. Or if you are feeling it, a micro business, ready to go.
    And, if you are setting up said business, which of those plugs will fit in the V1/+/XR plug?
    Let me know if you figure it out and I will Paypal you some bucks for one.

  • It's the 12.07mm closed grommet.
    After a bit of research online I discovered that 12.07mm is just 1/2 inch.


  • Hmm, looks like that assortment is not available from Harbor Freight (at least not from the online store). I bought it in a brick-and-mortar store probably a year ago.

    I don't think Harbor Freight actually makes these kits.

    Looks like these can be found on ebay:
    This seller wants $10. I do not think I spent that much when I bought it in the store.

    A little searching on ebay or google would probably find a better deal.
    Maybe start with

  • I pulled out the calipers, took some measurements. Sat down and designed this little "Thumbs Up" cap. If it hits on that side hard enough to damage the pins . . . I've got more to worry about than that :D.

  • @UTrider Nice.
    What exactly did you make that out of?

  • @Sponge315
    Just Brown PLA Plastic on a 3D printer. The hand is a scan of my own hand. Brown was the last color I had on the printer (for a client). Too lazy to change it to another color.

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