Set upper charge limit in app

  • I love, love, love my Onewheel. Really. And it is great that you put the charge limit warning in the app. But for those of us who live on top of a hill, it is hard to be tethered to the board the entire time it is charging so that we can unplug it at just the right moment. What would be amazing is if you could just let us set a maximum charge limit in the app. Then I would be ready to head down the hill at any moment without having to worry about overcharging... That would make my Onewheel even more awesome.


    Matthias Schabel

  • @matthiasschabel
    I feel you have a solid request for @Future-Motion but likely it will not find the support needed, you never know....

    Until then you could use a smart outlet timer and dial in your charge time til like 90% if that is what you need. Some even allow you to remotely monitor current draw so you could turn it off directly with an app. I have learned not to fully charge the Pint with the XR charger while at my gym on the hill. I now use the standard Pint changer and it gets me to 85% which is plenty to get home.

  • That would be an awesome addition. I would use it just for the positive battery benefits.

  • Agreed on a good idea. I probably won’t utilize this feature in the near future but I can definitely see the benefits of it.

  • Yeah good idea. Any further additions to the app and board to assist in general battery care too.

  • fe38a2b6-86b9-4802-bcfa-255dfe3d908a-image.png ![alt text](image url)

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