Xr charger adapter for Pint, cut your charging time in half.

  • For those that have a Pint, you can cut the charging time in half by buying the Ultracharger . For those that have an XR and a Pint, there is a third party adapter. The third party adapter uses the standard XR charger NOT the XR Hypercharger.
    Being the one to experiment, I decided to purchase a few components and make my own adapter.
    It does work , but I had to check polarity many times before plugging in. I've let the "smoke" out of many electronic devices.
    I do not recommend anyone else to fallow my lead and I will not give instructions.
    I do recommend the Ultracharger for the Pint .
    xr adapter 2.jpg xr adapter 3.jpgxr adapter.jpg

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