Homemade Pint float plates with front handle

  • I made a set of Pint float plates because the present ones for sale do not have a front carrying handle like the XR.
    Also commercial ones don't have a kickup for stopping and front hits.
    A heat gun, a vise and a wooden form to mold the handle. Next set I make will have a larger handle.
    Probably the design of the Pint didn't allow for a recessed handle. It's a small package. pint 1.jpg pint 2.jpg pint 3.jpg

  • @lemur Very well done! Got float plates, then decided on grinding out a handle in later... without taking them off. Not pretty, but neither is my pint anymore. Float on


  • @lemur absolutely love the ingenuity of our friends on this forum. Looking good and I’m sure the V2 will be even better.

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