Hand held rear view mirror and pedestrian horn

  • My biggest fear whether riding Onewheel on the street is getting hit from behind or vehicles getting too close.
    I ride goofy so it's not too bad at least in North America where we drive on the right hand side.
    I've tried a helmet mirror, but found it hard to focus(too small) and hold my head steady until I can get a clear picture.
    I used a larger strap on mirror meant for a bicycle and put it on my left hand ring finger, I can get a great view.
    I used a brand name mirror, but found the convex was too severe , I sourced a cheap offshore knockoff with less convex.
    The horn is a bicycle horn is good for alerting pedestrians, but no good for warding off cars. The horn has 3 tones, the circus clown tone always get a smile from pedestrians.
    Sorry, don't know if the mirror will work for regular foot riders.
    This is knockoff mirror.
    This is a brand name mirror.
    rockbros horn.jpg

  • @lemur ooh, i love that BELL. i'm gonna get one of those.

  • Regular foot here. I got one of these:


    And replaced the velcro wrist strap with an elastic one (also reflective for night visibility):


    Then I attached that to my left elbow guard, where it lives (don't ever need to take it off). Now I never mix up my elbow guards when putting them on anymore, AND I have a mirror to use to see behind me.

    It is kind of small, and you may have to experiment with its open angle and your arm position to see what you want (and, OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE ALWAYS CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR), but this is pretty handy for street riding.



  • Excellent choice! Good idea attaching it to your wrist guard, I get 50/50 putting on my wrist guards. Works good for you riding regular?

  • @lemur It's on my elbow guard because there was no easy way that I could figure out to attach it to my wrist guard semi-permanently. But it turns out I kind of like it on the elbow anyway, it's a small mirror and that keeps it closer to my eye.

    But, it's meant to be worn like a watch, on your wrist or forearm - you could do that (don't need the extra elastic straps then) - it's just that I didn't want one more piece of gear to have to put on before I ride.

  • @Glyph
    Ah. Misread your reply.

  • @lemur No worries. And yes, I ride regular, so it's a big help checking my blind spot (over my left shoulder) where traffic might actually be (but still do a quick look behind you before you move lanes).

    Riding goofy is a big advantage in US street traffic.

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