XR space between wood and frame

  • Hey, is this an issue? I drive in rain, hope it doesn’t go into the frame like this.


  • Take the foot pad off, and make sure the screws under the foot pad, which go through the frame and into the battery box aren't loose. While the footpad is off look for dirt or other debris. If that isn't the problem, take a level or ruler, and pull it along the fame and make sure the battery box isn't malformed (it should not touch your level). Since you ride in the rain, it is possible you have warped the foot pad, you could check this too.

    A OneWheel isn't waterproof, but it is water resistant. The foot pad does not take part in this water resistance. So, water wise, you are technically no better or worse off with the space there. However, that doesn't mean that you are safe riding through puddles.

  • @biell thanks! I did what you said, but indeed the footpad seems to be a bit bent. That’s what caused the gap

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