Driving trough puddles

  • What are your thoughts about driving trough puddles? Do you think it will damage the board?

  • My experience so far is that the board is pretty water resistant. Light rain and running gutters have been fine. For more serious water you should look into "badgering" the board. There have been a few threads about it. And kits you can buy.

  • I agree with @Sponge315 that the board is generally pretty water-resistant, but I can tell you that the previous owner of my OW managed to damage it exactly going through a puddle. I guess the water-resistant level differs from board to board; it is a matter of how well the adhesive in the controller model is holding. I haven't heard of anyone having water damage to their battery or motor. So if I were you and want to ride it everywhere, I'd buy the badger kit as @Sponge315 suggested.

  • I have practically submerged the bottom half of the board going through puddles. My pants were completely soaked, but my v1 is still going strong. Just don't stop.

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