New Tire

  • Ordered a new Burris tire today after I got back from a ride and found a hole in the tire with cords showing.....only 200 miles on this tire.![alt text](3F25561A-6C3C-4915-ABFA-1EF5BD926BFB.jpeg image url)

  • Wow that really sucks. Feeling your pain man.
    You mentioned that you ordered a Burris to replace this obviously crappy tire. So what is this thing that we should steer clear of?

  • @Sponge315 I wish I knew what to avoid. I ride exclusively on pavement and sidewalks and keep the tire between 16 and 18 psi. I got the Burris treaded after some suggestions from our local riders.

  • @Maverik I ride both the Burris and the Hoosier treaded tires on my + and XR, they are both awesome. I ride 90% pavement, 10% dirt/gravel. One difference from the Vega is the treaded tires don't get pebbles and such stuck in the rubber, only some small stones that occasionally get stuck between the treads, but you can hear them on pavement. In addition, the leaves don't get sucked up into the fender as much with the treaded tires.

    If that's your original Vega, 200 miles is really low . . . my original Vega on my + lasted over 1500 miles and still had more left before I changed to the Hoosier.

  • @OneDan it is the original Vega and yep 200 is pretty low.

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