Patience pays

  • I waited for a local business here in town to get the Pints before considering to buy another board. I took my fully upgraded V1 which has a new battery and tire and spent 2 hours riding everything even including a new Boosted board.
    Everything I rode was awesome! I am absolutely satisfied with my V1 and maybe someday I will add a Two-X get the extra range . Eyes closed I could barely tell the difference between my V1 and an XR in a smooth parking lot. I actually like my V1 foot pads better than the stock XR's . The V1 and +'s are lighter so "in my opinion" a little easier to throw around but there's no need for that anymore with a Pint. The Pint is a different animal PERIOD...for me. I listened to all the negative BS , whining, and disappointing predictions over the last year and got really bummed. I'm so glad I waited to try for myself.
    Do yourselves a favor and wait for products to hit the ground, try them side by side and make your own minds up.
    I bought the Pint as a compliment to my V1 not a replacement.
    Pint - Lil Pepe turning /freestyle tear up the pavement machine
    V1 - Giant slalom big arc carving machine.
    I'm a 6' 250 lb avid snowboarder /surfer /kiteboarder and this Pint will be what you make it. It is definitely not a toy. I think all the boards could be considered beginner boards if you are a beginner and dangerous if you are reckless and don't learn to respect their limits. Oh yea, my little Jelly phone (no sim card) still has about 30ft of range with this new board so no extension cords or special antennas necessary if decide to use it LOL. I got my much wanted power level monitor so it's perfect now. The Pint ROCKS!!!!
    and I don't plan on bothering with a phone while using it...That's just me....
    Way to go again Future Motion! Thank you F1 Racing Austin Tx !!! They have a whole stack of em yall...go get you one .
    Ride for the love of it

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