Are there plans to mass produce?

  • At $1.5k for the OW + $300 shipping costs this is out of reach for me. But I can't help but drooling over the pictures and videos. Are there any plans to eventually mass produce this, use proper distribution channels and make it more affordable for us mere mortals? It would be a shame otherwise.

  • I don't think they will mass produce anytime soon,
    they already have problems with answering all the emails and getting back to people at a fast rate.
    I have also seen people wait weeks, a lot of weeks, to get their board.

    I think mass producing would mean that more people would buy and the shipping time would probably be a lot slower for a lot of people.


    Looks like they have been significantly trying to improve production for a while and hopefully the changes start to make an impact soon. However, I would not expect prices to come down as this is the price range for all other high quality electric rideable for the time being.

    On one hand I think it would be great for more people to experience how awesome onewheel is, on the other hand I think significantly more riders will bring more regulation and laws banning where and how you can ride or at least the enforcement of. I think we all need to enjoy this moment where we can ride somewhat freely underneath the radar.

  • @Franky Thanks for the yahoo link. Just noticed the company profile for FM says:

    Future Motion is committed to designing and developing inspiring ~vehicles~ that include both elegant form and unprecedented function

    Is there a Onewheel electric car coming soon? :)

  • @Franky I think E Systems is the manufacturing facility they always refer to in San Jose. They can take design drawings and specs and turn that into a full manufacturing process, complete with dealing with ordering parts, setting up assembly lines, etc. There are quite a few companies that use them.

    Edit: It appears Google uses them:

  • I understand $1.5K being high price for many. When you are comparing it to bikes and you want carbon you would think $3k being entry level. My bro paid $5K and I paid $2K. That is because every company makes carbon bikes. For a sport like this FM is the apex of cutting edge.

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