My board pulsed same as Starrett67

  • My board “pulsed” same as starrett67. Same mileage coincidently ( or not) too. Seems happened going uphill which I was led to believe 20% was no problem. I weigh 165 so not near weight limit. After that today I was riding on flat and normal conditions on mission mode and I felt that slippage or pulse again! That really got me worried when I was riding not even 10 mph and board seemed like it shut down. It started to wobble (or lose balance) I would have eaten it if I was a less experienced rider I’m sure ,..anyway I stayed on board and was back up again but quickly pulled over to immediately send diagnostic to FM. I don’t know if they got it or last nights diag. as they are closed. Maybe they only get the last one sent idk? My board has 350 miles only. I’m sure it’s under warranty however this is a downer as rider confidence goes, and as it’s my daily ride and transportation. Lastly, if sent in am I liable for shipping cause I’m not shelling out 80 bucks for something under warrently not to mention how long I’ll be without board. Any advise.. please be gentle. Lol

  • @SlyFoxxx If the issue is fixed under warranty, @Future-Motion will cover the shipping both ways. However, if they don't agree beforehand that it's covered, they may ask you to send it to them to diagnose and if they determine it's not covered, they will charge for the shipping.

    Is this an XR? Because my XR has over 1500 miles and I've never (knock on wood) had it shut down on me while riding. I do occasionally feel some slippage, but pretty much only when hitting a large (2+ inches) sidewalk crack or maybe when going over someone's garden hose.

    Recently, I misjudged my range on a colder day and ended up 3.5 blocks from home at about 8% battery. The board pulled the front end up and it was un-ridable, so I had to carry it home (the OW walk of shame, lol). Should this happen again, I'll switch from Delirium to Cruz and maybe be able to ride it slowly home. On my +, I used to ride it past 0% in Delirium and never got the Captain Morgan push back . . . as long as I was going really slow, I could drain it until it would shut off.

  • @SlyFoxxx

    This pulsing, slippage feeling is called "surge" and is normal. It happens when the system is about to run out of torque, so if you ever feel it, slow down/back off before you nose dive.

    If you look at Starret67's thread, what Ian Johnson wrote is correct.

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