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    Inspired by ONEWHEEL But Beneficial Well Beyond, Introducing The 1balanced !

    Hello OW Family, a quick share on our Kickstarter launch.

    1balanced - Pledge on Kickstarter

    1balanced - YouTube

    The initial goal is to help introduce and train the key muscles used to OW (it is actually a fun way to advance skills). We love spreading passion for the sport but as we all have experienced (to various degrees) some folks are hesitant while other charge forward who really should train a bit more. Something was need to help both types of people....

    Once design and materials had been selected along with the correct assemble method (that could allow for a bit of custom tuning) it was time build some Alpha prototypes. You know what... the actual feel and balance is very OW like all the way from heel - toe control to mount and dismount.

    1. The first goal to behave like a balanced stationary OW was spot on.

    2. Find a way to OW at a standing desk (when using a OW is not allowed of coarse). A hidden goal here is to hopefully increase the number of OW family members once they realize after using the desk trainer they can progress to an actual OW... So cool hopefully

    We feel the product has legs (pun intended) to expand in fitness use which will be added in to our program.

    Anyway check out the prelaunch page and follow along as we expect to launch in a few days.

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