OneWheel salesmanship

  • Story 1
    So a buddy of mine waves me over while I was floating along yesterday. He shakes a finger at me and tells me that I am on his list. Me? How could I be? I'm as non confrontational as they get. So he says, "You know how expensive that thing is?" well yeah, "well guess what all my kids want for Christmas this year?, Dang you, your on my list!"
    Story 2
    Another good friend has a job and has been commuting into Vegas for a few years. It is about 180 miles and about 3 hours of his life everyday. Not to mention the car expense. Well, he finally had enough, took a pay cut, and got a local job. So having talked at length about my favorite toy he has decided that he needs to make his new 2(ish) mile commute on a Pint. I sugested that his half a million mile, slightly beat up, Corolla might be a worth an XR.

    So how exactly do I claim my commission?

  • @Sponge315 I’ve personally let 50+ strangers demo my XR and let 2 friends borrow my V1 for the weekend. I can safely say I’ve helped FM sell 3 XRs, 2 Pints and a Plus because of my generosity. I think they should have a dedicated user/buyer/reference/promo number and if one of your buddies or a stranger purchases an official FM product and uses that number you provided, FM rewards you with discounted items.

  • I could get behind that. I don't know what their profit margin is on a OW, but a plastic fender can't cost them more than a few bucks. If everybody was pushing their product they could show a little love back.

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