Charger light flashes red on Onwheel plus

  • Has anyone had this issue, then sent the board back to FM and know what the fault was?
    I would like to know if it was battery or BMS related or something with the main motherboard. I don't have the option to ship back to FM from South Africa so I have to try and fix this myself.

  • @Dave-Collins haven't seen that error, but to get it on the charger light only might be a charger issue.

    Are you getting a flashing light series on the OW button light? Not just the usual pulsing?

    Most common charger fault is the cheap cable between the wall socket and the brick.

    Try find another plus rider, use the rider search feature in the app to test with another charger. Best to try and eliminate the number of potential faults before you start ripping it open.

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