Pint portable charger for range anxiety

  • I put together this package for charging a Pint. Since the pint has limited range and if you're going somewhere with no electrical outlet, perhaps this can help.
    This concept is available commercially and is not new. The new versions have a higher charge rate, I believe ,as they use a higher amperage dc- dc converter.
    This version uses a Mtp 7210a dc-dc converter and the observed charging amperage never approached 3 amps.
    -It took 45 min to bring the Pint to full charge from 60%
    -It is fairly compact
    -Supposed to work from as low as 12 volts from a power supply(cigar lighter or power outlet in a car) I will try it out and report back. If it works, then don't have to carry around a inverter and Onewheel charger.
    -Uses common 36 volt Hoverboard battery.
    -Beats walking if you run out of juice in a remote area.
    It's highly unlikely I would ever use the Hoverboard battery option as I live and ride in the city, however the car charger would be great.
    pint travel pack.jpg pint travel pack 2.jpg pint travel pack 3.jpg

  • @lemur
    That looks like either
    A) a medical device
    B) something I wouldn't want to try to explain to TSA
    That's some serious engineering right there. Nice job! I guess there isn't a car charger out yet for the Pint. I imagine Future Motion will release one soon, but basically making your own car or completely portable charger takes some skills! Props!

  • My gawd, now that you pointed it out and I'm seeing the package in a different light, it does look like something menacing.
    The grey bag looks questionable and the cigar lighter plug looks like a push button.
    Perhaps a defibrillator ? HaHa

  • @lemur - I use a similar setup from Carvepower for my old Plus, I keep in all in a small black camera bag. And yeah, the first time I pulled it out in public for a charge I suddenly realized that to the average person this probably looks a LOT like a bomb. I wouldn't try to take this out at a movie theater or anything.

  • What is the charging current when you power MPT-7210A with 12V?

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