Onewheel XR dies at 46% battery

  • I've had the OW XR for a little more than a year, only put a couple hundred miles on it and really love the ride

    It bricked on me after the firmware update after 8 months. It got really hot and wouldn't turn off or ride until it died a day or 2 later. Wouldn't recharge or turn on after that. That was repaired under warranty. I suspect there might have been some battery damage then.

    A month or 2 after repair I started pushing it beyond the 5 miles I had previously ridden and got stranded with my battery at 46%. I got the turn around warning, and then the "needs juice" within minutes of each other. Next thing I know it's pushing back hard. Then it won't go anymore and I'm walking home.

    I tested this several times and found that multiple rides on a single charge got a shorter range. A fully charged battery would get between 7-8 miles on a single run with it running longer after resting on the charger for a day or 2. It would consistently die between 46 and 52% battery, and no amount of resting on the charger (up to 4 days) improved that.

    I'm having a good deal of trouble sending it back for assessment. I tried to return it in the same box it was sent to me in. FedEx won't accept the mailing label sent to me by FM, without a hazardous items label that FM didn't send me. and won't let me return it with the hazardous items label that it was sent back to me from repairs. Maybe that's a sign that this was not meant to happen?

    FedEx says the shipping charge is about $250 from Hawaii, and I don't think it's going to be covered by warranty. That's going to be a big bill if it's not and I wonder If I should just shut up and ride for 8 miles instead of complain that it's getting less than half of it's expected range.

    It still performs well, just seems like the battery is junked. I asked FM if they would sell me a battery for me to install myself. I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

    If I could only set my turn around alarm at 75%, or install a new battery and get the advertised range I would be golden. Are there other options I can do on my own to bring up my range?

  • @lavaman I assume you’ve balanced the battery by leaving it on charge for 72hrs?

  • @lavaman Can't help on the battery issue, but I did have to send my XR back to FM from Oahu for the bluetooth issue and had the exact same issue with the hazardous labels. It took me four attempts to get FedEx to accept it, the first 3 times it came back to me the next day with little to no reason why. I had to speak directly to Jon in customer service at FM, who had to have his shipping department call the FedEx receivers in Oahu to figure out exactly what labels were needed and to confirm that they would actually accept it the fourth time, and they finally did. All of which took almost 2 weeks!

    So, the issue was that even though FM sent me all the proper labels (which were the same labels they sent it to Hawaii with), FedEx receiving on the Oahu side wouldn't accept it without a call from FM to make sure they were aware of the situation. Seems like maybe FedEx has new people or forgot that they can actually accept the OW.

  • @lavaman almost zero doubt that you have a dud cell or two. Only options other than the FM situation is to pull the pack out, test and replace the bad cell. Not for the faint hearted and you would need some tooling.

    Other and probably best option is to contact WITZ_STA on reddit. He parts out new boards including brand new packs. You could then remove and on sell your BMS as there is a market for them.

  • @Mark-Vlogs yeah, I've left it on the charger for days. That increases the total range to 8 miles instead of 7, and the OW dies at 46% instead of 51%. there's definitely an improvement when I do this, but only marginal. There's still a gorilla in the room yet to be identified. My bet is a dead cell, or rather about half the cells dead.

  • @OneDan That's exactly what happened to me!

    upon further discussion with the guy at the FedEx shipping center the return label seemed to not indicate that it was a hazardous item. At least it didn't match with the code on the hazardous item label with which It was shipped to me.

    I read the return directions carefully and it said that I should ship the OW in a plain brown box without any labels. I was trying to return it in the box with which it was shipped to me last that had all the labels on it. It was these labels that the Fed Ex shipping center cued in on before they decided to reject shipping. If there was no label indicating battery powered vehicle or hazardous item it may have passed inspection. I bet it would be cheaper to ship too.

    OW customer service said that it usually works as a scheduled pickup if it doesn't work at the shipping center. The busy driver might not have the time to show so much scrutiny. I was under the impression that OW customer service was going to coordinate the hazardous item shipping label through FedEx when I spoke to them, but it seemed that never happened on either of the 2 pickups they scheduled.

    If I were to do it again, and still under warranty, I would spray paint over the old labels or tape them up so they aren't visible, and claim no hazardous items at the shipping center, saying instead that I'm shipping a high tech skateboard.

    When I realized that I wasn't under warranty and potentially going to be charged for $500 round trip shipping plus repair costs I had a major attitude adjustment. It was a much better idea to reach out to the OW community for other options, or just be happy with my 7-8 mile range. I'm usually not going any further than that anyway.

  • @stinkyface

    OMG! I have hope again. Thank you for the link to the reddit contact. That does sound like my best option.

    Pulling the packing replacing the bad cell sounds really intimidating to me. I've read some of the posts about the guys who have done that. The details they list feel like I'm reading another language. I get the gist, but the details are way beyond my skills.

  • @lavaman yeah a full pack swap is more plug n play. Still requires a careful approach. Good luck!

  • Why don't you just send in your battery pack with the computer? That should be much cheaper than the entire board and less than 1/2 of the weight.

  • @Ramphex Future Motion won't play that game. Its whole board or nothing.

  • That's unfortunate. Clearly the heavy wheel and rails aren't the issue lol.

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