European charger

  • Guys,

    I read somewhere the OW is shipped with a USA-charger only, so a question to all European riders:
    I assume you use a simple adapter as this one, or are there other things as difference in voltage or... to be considered?

  • That works well. The transformer handles both 110 V and 230 V with no problem.
    The cable from the charge to the outlet is this one, so switching that to one of these instead was a lot easier for me. Mostly because i had bunch lying around from other things, so it was a free solution, and it feels a bit more permanent.

    But whatever you have works really, the charger is rated fro 100-240 V.

    They sell a lot of travel adapters in the stores here, but they are mostly for using our stuff abroad, not the other way around.

  • Thanks man! I think using that other cable is indeed a good solution!

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