College Kids Looking for Cost-effective Places to Purchase

  • Hi all,

    I am currently a Junior in college in the U.S., meaning I am thousands of dollars in debt. As you guys can probably imagine, buying an XR seems impossible and even getting the Pint is a lofty dream. I worked full time during the summer to help pay my rent and a second job on weekends to save up for the Pint. I currently have close to the amount I would need for the Pint, but before I buy it full price, I wanted to ask if you guys know of any place a future floater could find a market for used/discounted/unwanted Onewheels? Any help is appreciated!


  • I follow what is up on ebay quite a bit.
    V1 =$600-700
    OW+ = $800-1k
    XR = $1400 to get real!
    Pint = occasionally a little less than new but not much.

  • @MarcoW35 I'm selling my OW+ soon. It has quite a few miles, but has been very well taken care of and still runs like new. PM me if interested as I'm currently out of town and I can let you know about price, accessories, and location.

  • Thanks @Sponge315 . I have been keeping up with ebay too. I have seen some really good deals that are always bid to within $300 of a brand new one. The $100-300 dollars of savings, imo, aren't necessarily worth receiving a product that doesn't have a warranty or may be in worse condition than advertised.

  • @OneDan Done!