Well, this was a first for me...

  • ...anyone ever accidentally hit a dog?

    i was rolling along a sidewalk -- not very fast at all because sidewalks in the area i was in can be really uneven and treacherous -- and right as i was about to pass this blind corner by a building a little Yorkie came running out right in front of me, on a long leash. i sort of clipped her chest and startled her, and her owner went "HEY, HOOooo!"

    i stopped immediately and got off to make sure she was ok, apologizing to her and her owner and getting down low so she could smell my hand and see if she was ok. The owner gave her a rub and said she was all right, that it just scared her, and i said, "It scared me, too!"

    Jeez, i was surprised that a dog couldn't hear me coming! i am glad i wasn't barreling along -- she was so small i probably could've really hurt her. : (

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